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Winter Calf Health: New Research

Research funded by the farmer-driven Northern New York Agricultural Development Program (NNYADP) has identified cold-weather strategies for attention by dairy calf managers.

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The effect of double nursing, an alternative nursing strategy for the hyper-prolific sow herd

In the double nursing strategy every week one or more sows nurse two litters simultaneously from birth to weaning.

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How they handle problem-breeding cows

This Hoard’s Dairyman Intel article is part of a nine-part series detailing top reproduction tips from the Platinum winning herds for the tenth annual Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council awards competition.

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Got teat issues? The top five offenders you can combat

Happy cows have healthy teats. Keeping your herd’s udder health in tip-top shape, however, is proving to be more challenging. If your cows are experiencing dry and cracked teats, you can guarantee two things are happening...

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Shock collar for pigs

Matthew Rooda and Abraham Espinoza won the farm bureau's Rural Entrepreneurship Challenge for their startup SwineTech Inc., which aims to save piglets from being crushed by sows in pork farms.

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